Modbus Address Description
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Modbus Address Description

WTH-CS/485/AC-R Modbus Address Description

Communication Protocol: Modbus RTU
Baud rate: 19200 (Customized: 4800/9600/19200/38400)
Data bits: 8 bit
Parity Check: none
Stop bit: 1 bit

03 Read Holding Register
Address Description Read/Write Data Type Length
0 System reservation R Integer 1
1 Device address high position R Integer 1
2 Device address low position R Integer 1
3 System reservation R Integer 1
4 Cloud service data sending cycle R/W Integer 1
5 Surge count value R Integer 1
6 RS485 working mode (0:modbus 1:cloud) R Integer 1
7 Modbus address R Integer 1
8 Modbus baud R Integer 1
9 SPD remote communication state (0:Normal open 1:Normal close) R Integer 1
10 SPD Remote Alarm mode (0:NC Alarm 1:NO Alarm) R/W Integer 1
11 Device state (0:Normal 0xffff: Alarm) R Integer 1

Setting up RS485 Series Detector
I. Set Modbus mode or Cloud service mode:
RS485 series include 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P detectors, the blue toggle switch between Modbus and Cloud service mode is on the lower side of the product (below the green terminal of the surge counting magnetic ring connection).

When the toggle switch is on the right side, it’s Cloud service mode; when the toggle switch is on the left side, it’s Modbus mode.
Being integrated products, different models distinguish applications between Modbus mode and Cloud service mode.

II. Load power to turn on the device
1. When setting up the cloud service mode, LCD displays the cloud service device number ID address;
2. When setting up Modbus mode, LCD displays RS485 ID

III. Continuing pressing RESET to enter SETTING status. When the Alarm light flashes frequently, continue pressing it, the indicator light loops from bottom to top.

1. When ALARM indicator flashes frequently, short press RESET, switch to NO/NC, default: 1 (NC:normal, NO:fault)

2. When Modbus indicator flashes frequently, short press RESET to set RS485 ID address (RS485 ID: 1-247)

3. When POWER indicator flashes frequently. Short press RESET to save data and return to the Standby mode. (Data can also be saved automatically after 30 seconds and return to Standby mode without pressing RESET in any setting status)