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WTH-SG/TER-4 DIN rail surge protective devices for of control signal are applied to the surge protection of 4~20mA control signal and twisted data pair (RS232, RS422, RS485 etc.), which can prevent various dialing equipment from permanent damage or transient interruption arising from inductive overvoltage, over current and other transient surge voltage caused by surge and industrial noise, etc.
(Standards compliance: IEC61643-21)

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Technical Data
Model WTH-SG/TER-4
Ordering code US121011
Nominal operating voltage (Un) 3-18VAC, 5-24VDC
Max. continuous operating voltage (UC) 23VAC, 33VDC
Nominal Discharge Current (In @8/20μs) 3kA (line to line)
Max. Discharge Current (Imax @8/20μs) 20kA (line to GND/PE)
Voltage protection level (Up @line-line) 80V @ 3kV (1.2/50)
Voltage protection level (Up @line-GND/PE) 350V @ 3kV (1.2/50)
Max Line Current 800mA (per line)
Insertion Loss <0.5dB @10MHz
Protective Element GDT, TVS
Loop resistance 2.0Ω
Response Time (tA) <1ns
Protect mode Difference mode & Common mode
Connection mode 1.5mm² wiring terminal
Temperature Range - 40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% noncondensing
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 feet (3000m)
Cross-sectional area of earth lead 1.5mm² multistranded / flexible
Stripping Length Contacts 0.25inches (6-7mm)
Terminal Screw Torque Max. 0.25Nm
Protection Rating (IP Code) IP 20
Surge Life at 0.5kA (8/20μs) >2000 events
DIN Rail EN60715 35mm top-hat rail
Housing Material Thermoplastic, UL94 V-0
Net Weight Per Unit 0.32Lb (142g)
Package Dimension (W×D×H) 1.4"×2.8"×2.4" (36mm×72mm×59.5mm)

Connection Diagram

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