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With the ongoing development of telecommunications E1 access services, high-speed Internet realized via remote devices through the E1 network has been widely used. However, G.703 has two interfaces BNC (75 Ohm coaxial) and RJ45 (120 Ohm twisted pair). It requires signals converting between the two interfaces.
WTH-SG/E1-RJ45-KH series is a G.703 converter which can transform signals from balanced to unbalanced. It solves the issues in converting signals between a 75-ohm coaxial and 120-ohm twisted pair. With built-in surge protector, WTH-SG/E1-RJ45-KH series can protect interfaces from surge.

19" Rack Mounting, easy to install;
Compliance with G.703 standards;
No power required, easy to use;
Ethernet Surge Protection;
With 75 ohm BNC connectors and 120 ohm RJ45 interface

Technical Data
Model WTH-SG/E1-RJ45-KH/24
Ordering Code US121193
Compliance ITU G.703 standard pulse
Panel 24 ports
Unbalanced interface 75 ohm impedance, 2xBNC
Balanced interface 120 ohm impedance, 1xRJ45
Twisted pair signal Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-
Coaxial signal TX, RX
Operating mode Transparent conversion
Ethernet Surge Protection 3KA(8/20μs)
Data rate 2048Kbps
Insertion loss 0.2dB(2Mbps)
Return loss -29dB(2Mbps)
Link isolation 1000V
Operating temperature -13°F to 158°F
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% noncondensing
Input power No power required
Housing Material 19-inch Rack
Net Weight Per Unit 2.2Lb (1000g)
Product Dimension (W×H×D) 19"×1.8"×3.6" (482mm×45mm×90mm)

19" Rack Mounting Installation

Connection Diagram
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