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Smart surge protector WTH-CS/… AC110 series are perfect suit for your power supply system as well as Data and Control System. The smart monitoring system came with multiple connection choice: Wi-Fi, RS485 - Cloud, Modbus. Easily extend cloud service capability, allows real-time remote monitoring and managing your surge protection system through cloud service.
WTH-CS/… AC110 serie splits currents to protect surge protector against potential damage from overvoltage. Widely used in data center or front-end equipment to protect power supply and cable from surge.
In accordance with: IEC 61643-1 - Class I and UL1449 Type 4 Location

WTH-CS/… AC110 Series
Model Network Contact Signal Ordering code
WTH-CS/Wi-Fi/AC110 Wi-Fi - - USW127331
WTH-CS/Wi-Fi/AC110R Wi-Fi ✔︎ - USW127332
WTH-CS/Wi-Fi/AC110S Wi-Fi - ✔︎ USW127323
WTH-CS/485/AC110R RS485/Modbus ✔︎ - USR127335
WTH-CS/AC110 - - - US127336
WTH-CS/AC110S - - ✔︎ US127337
※ Wi-Fi, RS485-Cloud: Cloud Service, remote monitoring, alerts sent by E-mail
※ Modbus: Convenient for the secondary development

Technical Data
Surge Protection Power Signal
Nominal operating voltage (Un) 110VAC 5-24VDC
Max. continuous operating voltage (Uc) 150VAC 33VDC
Nominal Discharge Current (In) 5kA 3kA
Max. Discharge Current (Imax) 10kA 20kA
Voltage protection level (Up @line-line) 900V 60V
Voltage protection level (Up @line-PE) 900V 65V
Insertion Loss - <0.5dB @10MHz
Protective Element MOV GDT, TVS
Response Time (tA) <25ns <1ns
Wiring Terminal L, N, PE 1-2, 3-4
Leakage Current (at 75%U1mA) <20μA -
Thermal Protection YES -
Protection Rating (IP Code) IP 20
Surge Life at 3kA (8/20μs) >5000 events
Temperature Range - 40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% noncondensing
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 feet (3000m)
Terminal Cross Section 35mm² (solid) 1.5mm²
Stripping Length Contacts 15mm 6-7mm
Max. Terminal Screw Torque 3.5Nm 0.25Nm
DIN Rail EN60715 35mm top-hat rail
Dimensions DIN 43880 54mm (3TE)
Housing Material Thermoplastic (UL94 V-0)
Housing Design Modular design
Net Weight Per Unit 180g
Package Dimension (W×H×D) 54mm×90mm×69mm
Smart Monitoring
Lightning Count 0-999
Remote Contacts Yes
Colud Service www.greenspd.com

Connection Diagram

Cloud Setup
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Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 02

Smater GreenSPD Cloud
www.watchfuleyesolutions.com http://www.GreenSPD.com

This GreenSPD App is applied in the Wi-Fi connection settings for Watchful EyE Smart Surge Protective Device-Smart GreenSPD series. For example, after the Smart GreenSPD is connected to Wi-Fi successfully, the working condition of the Smart GreenSPD and surge counts will be periodically transmitted to the GreenSPD Cloud, A professional personnel can use an internet browser for remote accessing to www.greenspd.com for real-time viewing working conditions of the Surge Protective Devices.

Setting Steps:
1. Display App GreenSPD
2. Log in with password of Wi-Fi connection.
3. Connect Smart SPD to power supply: connect the Micro USB port of Smart GreenSPD to a USB power supply
4. The green, orange and red LED lights on the Smart GreenSPD panel will be steady-on for 2 seconds, then followed by the green LED light blinking slowly; if the Smart GreenSPD fails to connect to Wi-Fi router in 20 seconds, the green LED light will blink quickly.
5. While the green LED light is blinking quickly, continuously press RESET button for 5 seconds. Release the button until the orange LED light blinks quickly instead.
6. Click TICK button on the App interface.
7. Wait for up to 40 seconds, the user name and password of Wi-Fi connection is being written into the Smart GreenSPD in this process.
8. When the green LED light blinks, Wi-Fi password setting is completed and the Smart GreenSPD is being connected to Wi-Fi router.
9. If the green LED light is Steady-on, the Smart GreenSPD is connected to Wi-Fi router properly.
10. If the orange LED lights are Steady-on, TCP/IP is connected properly.
11. If the red LED is steady-on, it indicates that the surge protector is faulty or surge counts increasing. Press RESET to recover. If the red LED is still Steady-on, it indicates fault, requiring replacement of the surge protector.

Smart GreenSPD LED indicators:
I Red LED light
1. Off: SPD works properly
2. Steady-on: SPD is defective

II Green LED light
1. Off: no access to Wi-Fi router
2. Blink slowly: in the access to Wi-Fi router
3. Steady-on: Smart GreenSPD is connected to Wi-Fi router properly
4. Blink quickly: Smart GreenSPD cannot be connected to Wi-Fi, check if the Wi-Fi router works normally; reset the username and password of Wi-Fi connection.

III Orange LED light
1. Off: TCP/IP can’t be connected.
2. Steady-on:TCP/IP is connected properly.
3. Blink slowly:TCP/IP is sending data, the frequency of blinking is based on the frequency of data sending, e.g. if data is sent once every minute, the orange LED light will blink slowly once every minute accordingly.
4. Blink quickly:When press the RESET button continuously, LED lights will blink quickly, requiring the App to reset username and password of Wi-Fi connection.

Memo: four status of LED indicators:
1. Off
2. Steady-on
3. Blink slowly: LED lights blink in a rate of twice a second
4. Blink quickly: LED lights blink in a rate of 5 times a second

Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 03

System Diagrammatic Drawing:

Setting of connection to Wi-Fi:

Watchful Eye on Youtube:

Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 04

Smart product series with Wi-Fi networking:
Features: Internet of things, cloud services, wireless networks, remote office
1. Industrial Wi-Fi networking
2. Remote monitoring of surge protector working status (lightning count + fault indicator)
3. Extended function: remote monitoring switch value, equipment with switch value output: door megnet, flooding, temperature, humidity, infrared, tilt, smoke, etc.
4. Remote management, login the cloud at any time to view data of working status of equipment
5, Alets sent by E-mail

Product Name: Smart Surge Protector Monitor with Wi-Fi Networking
Industrial Wi-Fi networking, lightning counts, two- channel switch value monitoring
Ordering Code:USW127300

Product Name: Smart Single-phase Surge Protector with Wi-Fi Networking
Industrial Wi-Fi networking, 220V single-phase surge protection, lightning counts, built-in surge protector status monitoring, one-channel expanded switch value monitoring
Model:WTH-40/C/R/2P-385 Wi-Fi
Ordering Code: USW120016

Product Name: Smart three-phase Surge Protector with Wi-Fi Networking
Industrial Wi-Fi networking, 380V three-phase surge protection, lightning counts, built-in surge protector status monitoring, one channel expanded switch value monitoring
Model::WTH-40/C/R/4P-385 Wi-Fi
Ordering Code: USW120056

Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 05

Introduction of Cloud service management

Webpage management, website: www.greenspd.com

Log on: http://www.greenspd.com
User Name: "Device ID" or "Bundled E-mail"
Initial Password: Serial Number

Demo on how to log in:
User Name: CAFE2010
Password: watchfuleye

Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 06

The monitoring webpage displayed after log in
If a bundled E-mail is set, you can use the bundled E-mail address as user name

Roll down to view more node information displays

Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 07

(5)Surge protector fault alert page display
If "Alarm LED" status displays "abnormal", the text turns red and it contains an email alert sending function
If "Bunlded E-mail" or "Share to E-mail" is set, an E-mail alert is sent to the corresponding mailbox

Alert sent by Email

Smart Surge Protective Device - Page 08

Get to know Smart Surge Protector WTH-CS/Wi-Fi
1. LCD display 0-9 numbers and A-F letters, check the following table:
2. Device number and the value of lightning counts
(1)Each product has a unique device number that is cured in the product at the factory
(2)Connect USB to power supply
(3)The LCD screen displays: 2 digits or letters on the first display, 3 digits or letters on the second display, 3 digits or letters on the third display, the device number consists of 8 digits or letters totally (Take the device number CAFE2010 as example: the first display: CA, the second display: FE2, the third display: 010)
(4)After 3 displays, the final display is lightning counts, and is retained on the LCD screen.

3. Product serial number:
(1)Each product has a unique product serial number, the factory bar code label is attached to the side of the product (e.g. CNW127300-77C002
(2)This serial number is a proof of product warranty and follow-up service

4. User name and password for cloud service login:
(1)8-bit device number displayed on the LCD is the default user name for log in cloud service, letters are non case-sensitive.
(2)After the initial login, you can set a bundled E-mail, the bundled E-mail can also be used as the login user name
(3)The serial number attached to the side of the product is the default password for login, be noted it’s case sensitive.
(4)After the initial login, please change the password
(5)If you forget your password, you can retrieve the password with the bundled E-mail on the login page.

5. Wiring of products:
(1)Lightning Counting Magnetic Ring: There are 2 green terminals on the rail clamp, which connect the magnetic ring of the number of lightning strikes, and the magnetic ring is set on the grounding wire
(2)Surge protection remote signal or binary signal wiring: there’re four green terminals under the USB jack, in an order from top to bottom: 1-2, 3-4.
(3)1-2 wiring for Surge protector (built-in) monitoring of cloud service (channel 1)
(4)3-4 Wiring for Surge Protector (Extended) Monitoring for Cloud Services (channel 2)
(5)1-2, 3-4 terminals are commonly used to monitor other switch value signal, the text description on the cloud service webpage can be customized.

6. Preparation for Wi-Fi networking setup:
(1)Make sure Wi-Fi network is normal at the site where the WTH-CS / Wi-Fi product is installed.
(2)Test the Wi-Fi networking status on cell phone, and make sure webpages can be opened normally
(3)Download GreenSPD App on the cell phone (search GreenSPD in Apple Store or scan the 2D code on page 2 of this manual)
(4)Prepare a USB power supply for providing power to the product (no output current requirement)
(5)prepare a paper clip (or a small toothpick whichever can be inserted into the Reset hole)