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Application Range
WTH-CS/485/AC series surge counter is used to test and record the discharge frequency of the surge protector ( record the surge current rush frequency beyond certain degree) and SPD remote contacts monitoring, which is convenient for users to do statistics and analysis on the surge situation in specific area. It can be used accompanying with various surge protectors or used as the supported product of the surge protective box.

Main Features
1. Large counting range, wide application range
2. Sensitive response, precision counting, no mis-operation
3. 3-bit digital display, easy and clear to recognize
4. No data loss in case of power outages
5. DIN-rail installation, convenient for installation and replacement
6. Adopting single-chip technology, advanced and reliable structure

Technical Data
Model WTH-CS/485/AC3P WTH-CS/485/AC3P-R
Rating 220/380VAC, 277/480VAC 50/60Hz
Ordering Code CN127345 CNR127345
NO/NC Monitoring - YES
Network - Modbus/RS485
Effective action current >1kA
Max. discharge current (8/20µs) 80kA
Sampling mode Inducance coil
Counting number 0~999
Protection Rating (IP Code) IP 20
Temperature Range - 40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% noncondensing
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 feet (3000m)
DIN Rail EN60715 35mm top-hat rail
Dimensions DIN 43880 54mm (3TE)
Housing Material Thermoplastic (UL94 V-0)
Housing Design Modular design
Net Weight Per Unit 0.55Lb (250g)
Product Dimension (W×H×D) 2.8"×3.7"×2.7" (72mm×93mm×68mm)
Expansion: Smart Remote Monitoring (Mode USR127325 only)
GreenSPD Cloud http://www.greenspd.com

Direction for Use
1. Install the surge counter on the 35mm standard DIN rail.
2. Connect the induction coil of surge counter to the 2-port pluggable terminal block (no direction). Hitch the induction loop to the earthing line.
3. Connect RS485(+/-) and SPD remote contacts to the 4-port pluggable terminal block.
4. Connect power line (110VAC or 220VAC) to L/N port of surge counter, and then LED is on.
5. In case of malfunction of surge counter, check if there is strong Electrical high frequency interference in the applicable site.

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Installation Diagram