WTH-GR Series
www.watchfuleyesolutions.com CCTV System Surge Protective Device

Technical Data
Protection mode A B C D E
Function AC Power BNC Control DC Power Ethernet
Nominal operating voltage Un 110/220VAC 12V 12/24V 5-48VDC/36VAC 2.8V
Max. continuous operating voltage Uc 320VAC 18V 36V 60VDC/42VAC 3V
Nominal discharge current In(8/20μs) 5kA 5kA 5kA 5kA 3kA
Max discharge current Imax(L-PE @8/20μs) 20kA 20kA 20kA 20kA 20kA
Voltage protection level (L-L, 3kA@1.2/50) N/A 80V 80V 350V 50V
Voltage protection level (L-PE, 3kA@1.2/50) 1400V 700V 700V 700V 700V
Connection mode Terminal BNC Terminal Terminal RJ45
Data Rate N/A 16M 2M N/A 1000M/PoE
Insertion loss dB N/A 0.5 0.5 N/A 0.5
Enclosure material Enhanced flame retardant nylon (UL94V-0)
Cross-sectional area of earth lead 3mm² multistranded / flexible

Model Ordering Code Function Description
WTH-GR/ABC US121022 AC Power, BNC, Control
WTH-GR/BCD US121025 BNC, Control, DC Power
WTH-GR/CDE US121026 Control, DC Power, Ethernet
WTH-GR/ACE US121029 AC Power, Control, Ethernet
WTH-GR/AE US121058 AC Power, Ethernet
WTH-GR/DE US121027 DC Power, Ethernet
WTH-GR/DDE US121027D 2x DC Power, Ethernet

Paperless Datasheet
Going green and protecting environment is manufacturers' responsibility. WatchfulEye products have the links of downloading data sheet on its enclosure:

Application Range
WTH-GR series triad Integrated surge protective devices are applied to surge protection of power, control signal, BNC video signal or RJ45 Ethernet. With characteristics of low voltage, quick response, etc, they can release and prevent the damage to the protected device arising from inductive surge from power and control wire or the other surge overvoltage. They are widely used in the field of security monitoring system, CCTV system, POE system, dataroom and so on.
(Standards compliance: IEC61643-11)

Main Features
1. Modularization, DIN rail design, convenient for installation and replacement.
2. Built-in temperature control and circuit breaking technology and multi-protection technology, strong protection ability, high reliability.
3. Green light on in notice window indicates power normal, off indicates broken, clear and easy distinguished.
4. Function of multi-protection: power, video signal, control signal and RJ45.
5. Built-in 4mm² elevating grounding terminal, more reliable grounding.

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