Surge Protective Box
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WTH-BOX Summit Series Surge Protective Box

Paperless Datasheet
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Technical Data
Type Summit Regular
Lightning Counter LCD with 12 digits None
Press ”reset” cleared to “0” YES None
ATN +/- 20% None
EMI/RFI >58dB None
IP Code IP54 (Option: IP65) IP52
Two-tone LED Indicator YES None

Requirement Class to IEC61643-1 Class I+II
IEEE Category Rating C, B & A
Protection Modes L-N N-PE
Protective Element MOV GDT
Follow Current (If) NO 100Arms
Response Time (tA) <0.5ns <100ns
Leakage Current (at 75%U1mA) <20μA None
Thermal Protection YES NO
Frequency 45/65Hz
Internal Back-up Fuse 32A
Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) 25kA rms
Surge Life at 3kA (8/20μs) >10000 events
Temperature Range - 40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% noncondensing
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 feet (3000m)
Terminal Cross Section 16mm² (solid) / 10mm² (stranded)
Stripping Length Contacts 0.6inches (15mm)
Terminal Screw Torque Max. 2Nm
Housing Box Design
Net Weight Per Unit 5.86Lb (2.66kg)
Package Dimension (W×H×D) 12.2"×7.2"×4.77" (310mm×183mm×121mm)
Remote Contacts YES
Contact Ratings 125VAC/3A, 250VAC/1.5A
Terminal Cross Section Max. 1.5mm²
Stripping Length Contacts 0.25inches (6-7mm)
Remote Terminal Torque 0.25Nm
The Electricity-getting Mode of Control Panels: L1-L2 (220~480V)

Connection Diagram
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WTH-BOX Series Surge Protective Box - 02

WTH-BOX Series Surge Protective Box - 03

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Surge Current (8/20μs)
Mode Phase Imax In
040 40kA 20kA 10kA
080 80kA 40kA 20kA
120 120kA 60kA 30kA
160 160kA 80kA 40kA
200 200kA 100kA 50kA
240 240kA 120kA 60kA
330 330kA 165kA 80kA
400 400kA 200kA 100kA
480 480kA 240kA 120kA

Clamping Voltage
Mode Phase Uc Up
220Y 3P4W 110/220V 150Vrms 2200Vpk
380Y 3P4W 220/380Y 275Vrms 2300Vpk
480Y 3P4W 277/480V 320Vrms 2300Vpk
600Y 3P4W 346/600Y 420Vrms 2500Vpk
220D 3P3W 220V 275Vrms 2200Vpk
380D 3P3W 380D 420Vrms 2300Vpk
480D 3P3W 480D 550Vrms 2500Vpk