Paperless Datasheet
Going green and protecting environment is manufacturers' responsibility. Each WatchfulEyE product has a link of downloading data sheet on its enclosure:

Model & Ordering Code

Model Ordering Code NEMA 5-15R IEC320 C13 UPC/EAN Code
WTH-CS/PDU-US US121042 11 - (0) 811914032007
WTH-CS/PDU-US-FSG US121042A 8 - (0) 811914032014
WTH-CS/PDU-US-FS US121042B 7 1 (0) 811914032021
WTH-CS/PDU-US-SG US121042C 10 - (0) 811914032038
WTH-CS/PDU-US-S US121042D 9 1 (0) 811914032045

Basic PDU, 11-Outlet

PDU Surge Protector, 8-Outlet

PDU Surge Protector, 10-Outlet

Certificates of Products

Note: surge protection module UL listed pending

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19-inch Rack Power Distribution Unit offers reliable full surge protection modes to protect your facility against surge. The PDU provides real-time reporting of protection status via three indicators.
The modular design allows you to customize plug-in module combination based on your needs, thus can maximize the flexibility in use and be easily maintained. Easy installation from different directions.
WTH-CS/PDU-US Series Technical Data
Input Type NEMA 5-15P
Max Input Amps 15A
Input Cord Length 14AWG x 10ft (3x2.08mm² x 3.05m)
Output Connection NEMA 5-15R (or with IEC320 C13 x1)
Nominal operating voltage (Un) 125VAC 50/60Hz
Max. continuous operating voltage (MCOV) 150VAC
Nominal Discharge Current (In) 5kA
Max. Discharge Current (Imax) 10kA
Open circuit voltage (Uoc) 15KV
Voltage protection level (Up) 1.0kV
Surge Protection Modes L-PE, N-PE, L-N
Protective Element MOV+GDT
Response Time (tA) <5ns
Leakage Current (at 75%U1mA) <20μA
Thermal Protection Rated Functioning Temp. (Tf) 277°F (136°C)
Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) 20kA rms
Surge Protection Back-up Fuse 15A gL
Surge Life at 3kA (8/20μs) >5000 events
Temperature Range - 40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% noncondensing
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 feet (3000m)
Material of Construction Black oxidized aluminum alloy
Housing Design 19-inch Rack
Net Weight Per Unit 4Lb (1.8kg)

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Surge Protection Module
Superior surge protection features, Surge Protection Modules provide reliable surge protection in full protection modes with three indicators for real-time display to protect your equipment and facility from surges and damages.

PowerGreen LED power indication: surge protection module is working
ProtectedRed LED surge protection indication: protected: on; failure: off
GroundedOrange LED grounded indication: grounded: on; failure: off

Surge Protection Connection Diagram

Independent Grounding Lug

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Circuit Breaker
The power switch is designed to concave to the surface to prevent the cable from accidentally disconnected
The power switch protection cover provides enhanced security. (Note: WTH-CS/PDU-US, WTH-CS/WTH-CS/PDU-US-FSG coming soon)

Mounting Ears
Detachable mounting ears, reversible ears faces front or back in PDU

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Input Power Cord
Input Type: NEMA 5-15P
Max Input Amps: 15A
Input Cord Length: 14AWG x 10ft (3x2.08mm² x 3.05m)

Rack Mount Screw Kit

Heavy Duty Housing

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19-inch Rack Mounted

Installation Instruction
The PDU surge protectors shall be employed in a Listed enclosure or closet that is only accessible to technicians or service personnels.

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Perfect structural design, 19 inch Rack mount, height: 1U (1.75 inch / 44.5mm), depth: 3.5 inch / 89mm

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Customize your PDU
1. Is there a type of PDU with mounting ears which can be rotated for front, back, top or bottom mount?
The mounting ears for 1.5U PDU can be rotated for four direction mount.

2. Is there a type of PDU with C14 input?
Yes, 1.5U PDU has two options of input methods: IEC C14 or a power cord.

3. How can I customize other products of 19" rack?
In addition to 19-inch Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU), there is 19-inch Rack Ethernet Surge Protector.
Modular design allows you to customize the plug-in modules to fit your needs, 19-inch standard dimension or other custom-sized dimensions maximize the ease of use and maintenance.

Click the blue button "Customize your PDU" to start

Customize your PDU

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FAQ & Help
1. What should I do if I can't find the paper manual in the product packaging?
Watchful Eye products is committed to going green with paperless data sheets. On the rear side of each product enclosure is an engraved link with URL for downloading paperless data sheet and QR code of the website. If you need the paper data sheet, you can open the link and print the data sheet by yourself.

2. Is there an overall view of the PDU?
The following is a photo of PDU (WTH-CS/PDU-US-S).

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After-sale Services
Watchful Eye provides a 5-year quality warranty globally.

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