Example: WTH-CS/RS485/AC-R Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Suffix Rated voltage Width with RS485 with Wi-Fi without Remote
WTH-CS/RS485 USB/5VDC 18mm USR121084
WTH-CS/Wi-Fi USB/5VDC 18mm USW121084
WTH-CS/RS485 /AC-R 110/220VAC 54mm USR127325
WTH-CS/Wi-Fi /AC-R 110/220VAC 54mm USW127325
WTH-CS/RS485 /AC 110/220VAC 54mm US127325
Example: WTH-20/D/R/4P-385 RS485 Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Combination Uc with Remote with RS485 with Wi-Fi without Remote
WTH-20/D/R /2P 150V US120113 USR120113 USW120113 US120103
WTH-20/D/R /2P 275V US120114 USR120114 USW120114 US120104
WTH-20/D/R /2P 320V US120115 USR120115 USW120115 US120105
WTH-20/D/R /2P 385V US120116 USR120116 USW120116 US120106
WTH-20/D/R /2P 420V US120117 USR120117 USW120117 US120107
WTH-20/D/R /2P 885V US120454 USR120454 USW120454 US120453
WTH-20/D/R /3P 150V US120373 USR120373 USW120373 US120363
WTH-20/D/R /3P 275V US120374 USR120374 USW120374 US120364
WTH-20/D/R /3P 320V US120375 USR120375 USW120375 US120365
WTH-20/D/R /3P 385V US120376 USR120376 USW120376 US120366
WTH-20/D/R /3P 420V US120377 USR120377 USW120377 US120367
WTH-20/D/R /3P 885V US120456 USR120456 USW120456 US120455
WTH-20/D/R /4P 150V US120153 USR120153 USW120153 US120143
WTH-20/D/R /4P 275V US120154 USR120154 USW120154 US120144
WTH-20/D/R /4P 320V US120155 USR120155 USW120155 US120145
WTH-20/D/R /4P 385V US120156 USR120156 USW120156 US120146
WTH-20/D/R /4P 420V US120157 USR120157 USW120157 US120147
WTH-20/D/R /4P 885V US120458 USR120458 USW120458 US120457
Example: WTH-20/D/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-20/D/R with 150V US120193 US120193x2 US120193x3 US120193x4
WTH-20/D/R with 275V US120194 US120194x2 US120194x3 US120194x4
WTH-20/D/R with 320V US120195 US120195x2 US120195x3 US120195x4
WTH-20/D/R with 385V US120196 US120196x2 US120196x3 US120196x4
WTH-20/D/R with 420V US120197 US120197x2 US120197x3 US120197x4
WTH-20/D/R with 885V US120452 US120452x2 US120452x3 US120452x4
WTH-20/D without 150V US120183 US120183x2 US120183x3 US120183x4
WTH-20/D without 275V US120184 US120184x2 US120184x3 US120184x4
WTH-20/D without 320V US120185 US120185x2 US120185x3 US120185x4
WTH-20/D without 385V US120186 US120186x2 US120186x3 US120186x4
WTH-20/D without 420V US120187 US120187x2 US120187x3 US120187x4
WTH-20/D without 885V US120451 US120451x2 US120451x3 US120451x4
Example: WTH-40/C/R/4P-385 RS485 Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Combination Uc with Remote with RS485 with Wi-Fi without Remote
WTH-40/C/R /2P 150V US120013 USR120013 USW120013 US120003
WTH-40/C/R /2P 275V US120014 USR120014 USW120014 US120004
WTH-40/C/R /2P 320V US120015 USR120015 USW120015 US120005
WTH-40/C/R /2P 385V US120016 USR120016 USW120016 US120006
WTH-40/C/R /2P 420V US120017 USR120017 USW120017 US120007
WTH-40/C/R /2P 885V US120464 USR120464 USW120464 US120463
WTH-40/C/R /3P 150V US120353 USR120353 USW120353 US120343
WTH-40/C/R /3P 275V US120354 USR120354 USW120354 US120344
WTH-40/C/R /3P 320V US120355 USR120355 USW120355 US120345
WTH-40/C/R /3P 385V US120356 USR120356 USW120356 US120346
WTH-40/C/R /3P 420V US120357 USR120357 USW120357 US120347
WTH-40/C/R /3P 885V US120466 USR120466 USW120466 US120465
WTH-40/C/R /4P 150V US120053 USR120053 USW120053 US120043
WTH-40/C/R /4P 275V US120054 USR120054 USW120054 US120044
WTH-40/C/R /4P 320V US120055 USR120055 USW120055 US120045
WTH-40/C/R /4P 385V US120056 USR120056 USW120056 US120046
WTH-40/C/R /4P 420V US120057 USR120057 USW120057 US120047
WTH-40/C/R /4P 885V US120468 USR120468 USW120468 US120467
Example: WTH-40/C/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-40/C/R with 150V US120093 US120093x2 US120093x3 US120093x4
WTH-40/C/R with 275V US120094 US120094x2 US120094x3 US120094x4
WTH-40/C/R with 320V US120095 US120095x2 US120095x3 US120095x4
WTH-40/C/R with 385V US120096 US120096x2 US120096x3 US120096x4
WTH-40/C/R with 420V US120097 US120097x2 US120097x3 US120097x4
WTH-40/C/R with 885V US120462 US120462x2 US120462x3 US120462x4
WTH-40/C without 150V US120083 US120083x2 US120083x3 US120083x4
WTH-40/C without 275V US120084 US120084x2 US120084x3 US120084x4
WTH-40/C without 320V US120085 US120085x2 US120085x3 US120085x4
WTH-40/C without 385V US120086 US120086x2 US120086x3 US120086x4
WTH-40/C without 420V US120087 US120087x2 US120087x3 US120087x4
WTH-40/C without 885V US120461 US120461x2 US120461x3 US120461x4
Example: WTH-50/B+C/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-50/B+C/R with 150V US120233 US120233x2 US120233x3 US120233x4
WTH-50/B+C/R with 275V US120234 US120234x2 US120234x3 US120234x4
WTH-50/B+C/R with 320V US120235 US120235x2 US120235x3 US120235x4
WTH-50/B+C/R with 385V US120236 US120236x2 US120236x3 US120236x4
WTH-50/B+C/R with 420V US120237 US120237x2 US120237x3 US120237x4
WTH-50/B+C/R with 885V US120472 US120472x2 US120472x3 US120472x4
WTH-50/B+C without 150V US120223 US120223x2 US120223x3 US120223x4
WTH-50/B+C without 275V US120224 US120224x2 US120224x3 US120224x4
WTH-50/B+C without 320V US120225 US120225x2 US120225x3 US120225x4
WTH-50/B+C without 385V US120226 US120226x2 US120226x3 US120226x4
WTH-50/B+C without 420V US120227 US120227x2 US120227x3 US120227x4
WTH-50/B+C without 885V US120471 US120471x2 US120471x3 US120471x4
Example: WTH-65/B+C/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-65/B+C/R with 150V US120213 US120213x2 US120213x3 US120213x4
WTH-65/B+C/R with 275V US120214 US120214x2 US120214x3 US120214x4
WTH-65/B+C/R with 320V US120215 US120215x2 US120215x3 US120215x4
WTH-65/B+C/R with 385V US120216 US120216x2 US120216x3 US120216x4
WTH-65/B+C/R with 420V US120217 US120217x2 US120217x3 US120217x4
WTH-65/B+C/R with 885V US120474 US120474x2 US120474x3 US120474x4
WTH-65/B+C without 150V US120203 US120203x2 US120203x3 US120203x4
WTH-65/B+C without 275V US120204 US120204x2 US120204x3 US120204x4
WTH-65/B+C without 320V US120205 US120205x2 US120205x3 US120205x4
WTH-65/B+C without 385V US120206 US120206x2 US120206x3 US120206x4
WTH-65/B+C without 420V US120207 US120207x2 US120207x3 US120207x4
WTH-65/B+C without 885V US120473 US120473x2 US120473x3 US120473x4
Example: WTH-80/B+C/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-80/B+C/R with 150V US120253 US120253x2 US120253x3 US120253x4
WTH-80/B+C/R with 275V US120254 US120254x2 US120254x3 US120254x4
WTH-80/B+C/R with 320V US120255 US120255x2 US120255x3 US120255x4
WTH-80/B+C/R with 385V US120256 US120256x2 US120256x3 US120256x4
WTH-80/B+C/R with 420V US120257 US120257x2 US120257x3 US120257x4
WTH-80/B+C/R with 885V US120476 US120476x2 US120476x3 US120476x4
WTH-80/B+C without 150V US120243 US120243x2 US120243x3 US120243x4
WTH-80/B+C without 275V US120244 US120244x2 US120244x3 US120244x4
WTH-80/B+C without 320V US120245 US120245x2 US120245x3 US120245x4
WTH-80/B+C without 385V US120246 US120246x2 US120246x3 US120246x4
WTH-80/B+C without 420V US120247 US120247x2 US120247x3 US120247x4
WTH-80/B+C without 885V US120475 US120475x2 US120475x3 US120475x4
Example: WTH-100/B+C/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-100/B+C/R with 150V US120273 US120273x2 US120273x3 US120273x4
WTH-100/B+C/R with 275V US120274 US120274x2 US120274x3 US120274x4
WTH-100/B+C/R with 320V US120275 US120275x2 US120275x3 US120275x4
WTH-100/B+C/R with 385V US120276 US120276x2 US120276x3 US120276x4
WTH-100/B+C/R with 420V US120277 US120277x2 US120277x3 US120277x4
WTH-100/B+C/R with 885V US120478 US120478x2 US120478x3 US120478x4
WTH-100/B+C without 150V US120263 US120263x2 US120263x3 US120263x4
WTH-100/B+C without 275V US120264 US120264x2 US120264x3 US120264x4
WTH-100/B+C without 320V US120265 US120265x2 US120265x3 US120265x4
WTH-100/B+C without 385V US120266 US120266x2 US120266x3 US120266x4
WTH-100/B+C without 420V US120267 US120267x2 US120267x3 US120267x4
WTH-100/B+C without 885V US120477 US120477x2 US120477x3 US120477x4
Example: WTH-120/B/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-120/B/R with 150V US120303 US120303x2 US120303x3 US120303x4
WTH-120/B/R with 275V US120304 US120304x2 US120304x3 US120304x4
WTH-120/B/R with 320V US120305 US120305x2 US120305x3 US120305x4
WTH-120/B/R with 385V US120306 US120306x2 US120306x3 US120306x4
WTH-120/B/R with 420V US120307 US120307x2 US120307x3 US120307x4
WTH-120/B without 150V US120293 US120293x2 US120293x3 US120293x4
WTH-120/B without 275V US120294 US120294x2 US120294x3 US120294x4
WTH-120/B without 320V US120295 US120295x2 US120295x3 US120295x4
WTH-120/B without 385V US120296 US120296x2 US120296x3 US120296x4
WTH-120/B without 420V US120297 US120297x2 US120297x3 US120297x4
Example: WTH-165/B/R/1P-385 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-165/B/R with 150V US120323 US120323x2 US120323x3 US120323x4
WTH-165/B/R with 275V US120324 US120324x2 US120324x3 US120324x4
WTH-165/B/R with 320V US120325 US120325x2 US120325x3 US120325x4
WTH-165/B/R with 385V US120326 US120326x2 US120326x3 US120326x4
WTH-165/B/R with 420V US120327 US120327x2 US120327x3 US120327x4
WTH-165/B without 150V US120313 US120313x2 US120313x3 US120313x4
WTH-165/B without 275V US120314 US120314x2 US120314x3 US120314x4
WTH-165/B without 320V US120315 US120315x2 US120315x3 US120315x4
WTH-165/B without 385V US120316 US120316x2 US120316x3 US120316x4
WTH-165/B without 420V US120317 US120317x2 US120317x3 US120317x4
Example: WTH-500/G+/R/1P-320 x4pcs Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Remote Uc 1P x2pcs x3pcs x4pcs
WTH-500/G+/R with 320V US120287 US120287x2 US120287x3 US120287x4
WTH-300/G+/R with 320V US120286 US120286x2 US120286x3 US120286x4
WTH-300/GM/R with 320V US120280 US120280x2 US120280x3 US120280x4
WTH-500/G+ without 320V US120284 US120284x2 US120284x3 US120284x4
WTH-300/G+ without 320V US120282 US120282x2 US120282x3 US120282x4
WTH-500/G without 320V US120283 US120283x2 US120283x3 US120283x4
WTH-300/G without 320V US120281 US120281x2 US120281x3 US120281x4
Example: WTH-40/C/3P-PV1000 RS485 Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Combination Uc with Remote with RS485 with Wi-Fi
WTH-40/C/3P-PV600 3P 600V US120334 USR120334 USW120334
WTH-40/C/3P-PV800 3P 800V US120335 USR120335 USW120335
WTH-40/C/3P-PV1000 3P 1000V US120330 USR120330 USW120330
WTH-40/C/3P-PV1200 3P 1200V US120331 USR120331 USW120331
WTH-40/C/3P-PV1600 3P 1600V US120395 USR120395 USW120395
WTH-40/C/3P-PV2000 3P 2000V US120396 USR120396 USW120396
WTH-40/C/2P-PV100 2P 100V US120333 USR120333 USW120333
WTH-40/C/2P-PV200 2P 200V US120337 USR120337 USW120337
WTH-40/C/2P-PV500 2P 500V US120385 USR120385 USW120385
WTH-40/C/2P-PV600 2P 600V US120332 USR120332 USW120332
WTH-40/C/2P-PV800 2P 800V US120392 USR120392 USW120392
WTH-40/C/2P-PV1000 2P 1000V US120391 USR120391 USW120391
WTH-40/C/1P-PV100 1P 100V US120339
WTH-40/C/1P-PV200 1P 200V US120338
WTH-40/C/1P-PV500 1P 500V US120386
WTH-40/C/1P-PV600 1P 600V US120336
Example: WTH-SG/RJ45-KE Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Suffix: -E Suffix: -O
WTH-SG/RJ45 Din-rail US121012 US121125 US121136
WTH-SG/RJ45-KE Outdoor Wall installation US121103 US121145 US121156
WTH-SG/RJ45-KG Outdoor Waterproof Installation US121104 US121165 US121176
WTH-SG/RJ45-S Direct in Line Plug-in US121101
WTH-SG/RJ45-KH-C/24 19" Rack Mounting Installation US121181
Example: WTH-SG/TER-XS Ordering Code & Datasheet
WTH-SG/TER DIN-Rail Mounted US121009
WTH-SG/TER-S DIN-Rail Mounted Slim US121006
WTH-SG/TER-XS DIN-Rail Mounted Ultra Slim US121005
Example: WTH-SG/TL20PG-320L Ordering Code & Datasheet
Series Suffix: L
WTH-SG/TL20PG-320 with GDT protection US121065 US121066
WTH-SG/TL20P-320 US121061